Mid Devon Amnesty contact in Turkey

Gunal Kursun with Amnesty Mid Devon card

Those working with and for Amnesty in Turkey have been under threat for some time, and the Amnesty Mid Devon Group has been writing to them, and in their support. We heard recently that the first Amnesty card that Gunal Kursun, academic and lawyer, and Amnesty activist, received was from our Mid Devon Group - he took it with him to his latest court hearing. He and others - the Istanbul 10 - are charged  with 'membership of a terrorist organisation' [i.e. Amnesty], leaving them liable for jail sentences of up to 15 years. Most have been released on bail, but Taner Kilic, Amnesty Turkey Chair, remains in prison.

Although the situation for those charged remains very serious, and the general human rights situation in Turkey is appalling, we are pleased that Gunal has received and cherishes our contact, and contact from other Amnesty groups and members.



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