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Amnesty Minutes Medway Group April 8th 2013

Amnesty International Medway Group Minutes April 8th 2013


Present: Mary Smith, Rosemary Osgood, Annie Skelton, Carol Gravestock

Apologies:  Ted Wilcox

Correspondence: Group News handed out, still copies available. In the March action a petition on Afghanistan which the group signed(part of the ending violence against women action). Mary had received the CVS news with North Kent Training information. Rosemary outlined the e-mail correspondence from AIUK regarding the Arms Trade Treaty.  At the UN general assembly there were 154 votes in favour of an agreement to regulate the $100 bn arms trade. See (paper information also available.  Locally Mary/Ted had favourable response from Rehman Christie MP for Gillingham

Treasurers Report and Fund Raising

£ 563 in account – report will be presented at the AGM in May 2013

Stall at Dickens booked for Saturday June 1st - where information/petitions will be available

Street Collection  20th July  2013 in Rochester High Street from 10am – come and shake a tin

Report on CAPS

Nothing to report

Poverty & Human Rights Campaign


Report on Death Penalty

Mary had 6 urgent actions – this was Yeman

Report on Action File

After some discussion it appears to be still on-going   - Ian to investigate further

Action from AIUK

This month’s action was a petition regarding the plight of the Roma people throughout Europe – some group members signed – this is part of an on- going campaign – Petition will be available at the Dickens Fair.  Our group had a very lively discussion regarding the Roma and one member had first hand knowledge as she visits Roma families



Planning for AGM 2013

Mary will do notification  and send out. Our speaker Richard Solly will speak about Mining and Human Rights. Meeting begins at 8.00pm speaker at 8.30pm

Any other business

Rose to e-mail Ian re Dickens

Carol has audited books at her house for Ian to collect


Date of Next meeting:

MAY 13TH -  AGM – PLEASE SOME AND SUPPORT US so our vital work can continue