10th December Amnesty Medway Minutes



Minutes for Ordinary Meeting 10th December 2012


Present – Mary Smith (Chair). Ian Gray (Treasurer), Ted Wilcox, Annie Skelton, Duncan McGuffog, Carol Gravestock.


 Welcome new members  - none,


Apologies –  Rosemary Corner-Osgood. (Secretary)


Correspondence – CVS News.   Cheque for £67-51 received from St Mary Magdalene Church, half of the plate collection from the Remembrance Day service.


Treasurer's Report and Fund-raising –    £450 in current account.  The stall in the Cathedral crypt for the Dickens Festival gained £4.60 in donations towards postage and £13 from the sale of Christmas cards.  We decided to send £100 to AIUK - proposed Ian, seconded Carol, carried no objection.  We also discussed the motions for the Extraordinary General Meeting called for 12th January 2013.  Members will vote as they see fit, either in person or by proxy.  Details available from www.amnestyegm.com


Dickens Festival Report - it was generally felt that there were fewer people in the crypt and thus less interest.  As there will probably be no tables in the crypt for 2013 we discussed the possibility of asking for a table in the Cathedral.


Reports on CAPs (RANs) – WARAN - no new action

SARAN - no new action.


Death Penalty – very few actions at the moment with none in the areas we work on.


Poverty and Human Rights - no new action.


Report on Action File – no new action. 


Action from AIUK -   undertaken by Annie, Ted and  Ian.


AOB - none.


NB Next meeting  Monday 14th January 2013




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