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Weekly Action - May 8th

Manchester Amnesty Weekly Action

If you can, please do this action and make a difference.

This week, we are asking you to take 2 minutes to email the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland to improve access to abortion services in Northern Ireland during the current crisis.

As of March 31, new regulations were brought in to lift the ban on abortion in Northern Ireland. However, because these rules are so new none of the services are in place yet, meaning women and girls are left without access to abortion services. Their only option is - as it has been for years – to make the long journey to the rest of the UK, but of course this has been made nearly impossible because of lockdown.

In recent weeks abortion rules in Scotland, England and Wales have been relaxed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing women and girls to self-manage abortions at home by using approved abortion pills. Women in Northern Ireland have once again been left behind, as their government has failed to make the same changes.

Please send an email using this link:

You can use the standard text provided or write your own.


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