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Weekly Action and News 16/06/2022

Manchester Amnesty Weekly Action and News 

Please do this action and make a difference 

Ali Kololo has been locked away in a Kenyan prison since 2011, after being beaten and threatened into “confessing” to involvement in the 2011 kidnapping of British woman Judith Tebbutt and the murder of her husband David. His death sentence, passed in 2013, was commuted when the mandatory death penalty was abolished in 2017, but he still faces a lifetime in prison. Ali didn’t have a lawyer or interpreter when he was tried, despite not speaking any English and little Swahili – the languages used in court. It has been suggested that crucial evidence was left out at his trial. Judith Tebbutt has said that Ali wasn’t there the night she was kidnapped, and he wasn’t there when she was being held hostage.  She has been actively campaigning for Ali’s conviction to be overturned. His final appeal will be heard in court on 26th September. Can you add your name to this petition by Reprieve, and call for Ali to be freed?