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Weekly Action and News 08/04/2022

Manchester Amnesty Weekly Action and News


Please do this action and make a difference.

****warning: this action refers to the death penalty****

US Woman’s execution would violate international law

This action needs to be done soon, as it relates to a 52 year old Mexican American woman, Melissa Lucio who is scheduled to be executed in Texas on 27th April, 2022. She was convicted in 2008 of the murder of her young daughter. According to experts, that the conviction is unsafe, as the evidence presented at her trial was untrustworthy, and incriminating statements obtained under interrogation were unreliable. Amnesty is of the opinion that, given the serious concerns surrounding Melissa’s conviction, if the execution were to go ahead, this would be in violation of international law. Amnesty is calling on the Governor of Texas and the Texas Board of Pardons and Parole to show clemency. More information can be obtained here.

Amnesty have prepared a standard letter, which you can personalise with a few clicks.




April Meeting

We are pleased to welcome Ann Salter from Freedom from Torture to our online group meeting on 11th April. Ann will be talking to us about the work carried about by Freedom from Torture's North West Centre, which is in Manchester. There will be an opportunity for questions including how we can support their work. We will also have updates on our other campaigning activities. All are very welcome to attend, especially new members. Please look out for the email with the zoom link for the online meeting. 


Update on Human Rights in the UK

Anne Walker has handed over the leadership of the Human Rights Subgroup to Matthew Sherwood. Thanks to Anne for all she has done and to Matthew for taking up the reins. Please contact Matthew if you would like to join the group .

Following on from last week’s update, when the Nationalities Bill returned to the Lords on 4th April, the government suffered a further 10 defeats, and the Bill has now returned to the Commons. See this article from The Guardian.  It seems there is some small chance that the government might run out of time with the bill and have to make concessions, or even that it could fall.


Event: Palestinian prisoners of apartheid demand justice Weds April 20th online 6-7pm (UK)  Palestinian Solidarity Campaign & War on Want.

Palestinians are demanding freedom and justice for political prisoners held by Israel’s occupation and apartheid regime. Hear directly from prisoners’ rights advocates in Palestine about the prisoners’ struggle for justice and the wider movement for Palestinian freedom and self-determination.

Click this link

to see more details and to register for the event.

Emergency Demonstration For Palestinian Youth And Political Prisoner Ahmad Manasra.  Saturday 9th of April, 12pm, Piccadilly Gardens

We  have received late news of this emergency demonstration which is supported by: Youth Front For Palestine (YFFP); Manchester Palestine Action; Manchester Palestine Solidarity Campaign; Manchester Jewish Action for Palestine.

Ahmad Manasra is a symbol of the childhood theft faced by Palestinians. Imprisoned by Israel at 13 he has been tortured and deprived of medical attention when he has descended with severe mental health illness. He has now been in prison for 7 years, spent in solitary confinement for the past 4 months. Join the campaign to Free Ahmad Manasra! Together we can echo our voices to his cell!

We demand the immediate release of Ahmad and the release of all Palestinian political prisoners.



Independent inquiry into racism at Amnesty International UK (AIUK)

The first part of this independent investigation, carried out by Global HPO, has reported. It comprised a series of interviews and focus groups with current and past staff and activists, plus a review of documents, and has concluded that there was evidence of institutional racism at AIUK. Some changes to working practices have already been made to begin to address the issues identified.

The final phase of the investigation, due to report in May, will consist of a series of co-creation workshops with AIUK staff, board members and trustees, and will focus on the further changes that need to be made.  AIUK have committed to publishing the full report in the summer and implementing its recommendations, and are not underestimating the scale of the changes that will need to be made to ensure an inclusive and anti-racist culture and working practices.

Alison Wearden

Communications Secretary

Manchester Group of Amnesty International

Please contact me with items for our Weekly Action and News email, or with ideas for longer articles for the quarterly Manchester Amnesty Group Bulletin.

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