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Manchester Amnesty 18th Silent Vigil for Palestine and Israel Friday 23rd February 2024, 5-6pm

Silent vigil for Palestine and Israel


Amnesty International, Manchester

invites you to join us in our weekly silent vigil calling for a ceasefire and the protection of all civilians in Palestine and Israel.

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St Peters Square, Manchester

Friday 23rd February, 2024, 5pm to 6pm

Meet from 4.50pm in front of Central Library

Please wear black or dark colours (and please dress warmly!)

No placards / No banners / No flags / No chants


Simple placards will be provided bearing the messages:


Ceasefire now

Israel: stop killing civilians

Hamas: release all hostages

Humanitarian aid now

Uphold International Law

Protect all civilians

Protect human rights

Stop war crimes

We will also provide tealights

Passersby will have the opportunity to leave a message of support


Please join us


Please circulate this invitation to your contacts.

We will continue with the weekly vigils until further notice.

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