"Broken Families" - a documentary about the Saharawi community living under Morrocan occupation

‘Broken Families’ on Al Jazeera English postponed.


Transmission dates will be posted when available.

‘Broken Families’ is a 25-minute documentary that follows Brahim Dahane, a spokesperson for his Saharawi community, in his day-to-day life as he is caught up in one of the world’s longest-running and least-known conflicts, in Western Sahara, which has been occupied by Morocco since 1975. The film gives an insight into what life is like living under the Moroccan occupation.
'Broken families' is filmed, produced and directed by Louise Orton who is a member of Islington and Hackney Amnesty. Taco Ruighaver who is the director of the Movies that Matter Foundation describes the film as a “beautiful portrait of a brave and committed activist”.

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