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Campaign to stop Egyptian Case 173

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Haywards Heath Amnesty Group is campaigning for the Egyptian authorities to drop Case 173 that restricts the activities of human rights defenders (HRDs) and human rights NGOs. As part of Case 173, Egyptian judges have ordered travel bans against at least 31 HRDs and frozen the assets of 10 individuals and 7 NGOs, including targeting lawyer Azza Soliman (pictured). Group members have long campaigned for restrictions against Azza Soliman to be lifted. As a leading lawyer and part of the Centre of Egyptian Women’s Legal Assistance, she should be allowed to continue providing women in poverty and survivors of abuse with legal aid and support.

Haywards Heath Amnesty Group is determined to make the Egyptian authorities aware that the world is watching. If you would like to help Azza Soliman and other brave Egyptian HRDs, please contact us at

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