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Amnesty International Quiz Night 2022

Many hands make light work!

On October 21st 2022 we hosted our 2nd Amnesty International Quiz night at the Ashenground Community Centre in Haywards Heath. Alex our quiz master put us through our paces and a veggie curry was served up with cooked rice donated by Nizam's Restaurant (a very big thank you!).

The event was to raise money for work being done through AIUK's head office in London, and quizzers were briefly told of two on-going campaigns.

The first concerned Russia's illegal invasion of Ukraine. AI is investigating Russian war crimes in Ukraine as well as supporting those brave Russians persecuted inside Russia for opposing their country's war. One such courageous woman mentioned was Aleksandra (Sasha) Skochilenko detained and facing trial and years in prison simply for placing stickers in a Moscow supermarket calling for an end to Russian aggression.

As an impartial organisation Amnesty International will investigate all war crimes committed in Ukraine to seek to bring any/all perpertrators to justice.  

The second campaign related to the harassment and unlawful dispossession of their land being suffered by pastoralist families in the south of the African country of Angola. Traditional cattle herders in the provinces of Cunene and Hulla are being forcibly and illegally driven out by commercial farm companies operating outside the law, and to which crimes the Angolan government is turning a blind-eye. AI is campaigning in Angola and through international institutions in Africa for these people's traditional rights to be respected and protected.

Together with a raffle, this evening raised over 600 pounds profit. This formed part of the 1000 pounds which we have sent to AI's emergency Ukraine appeal in November 2022.

Also importantly a good time was had by all. Group member Lee's team won the quiz. A fact mentioned once or twice by Lee at our next meeting! Please do consider coming next year by contacting the group for further information.


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