Why I Joined Amnesty by the Ely Group Members

  • I joined our local group as it needed a treasurer and I had some experience in that role for "Sing for Pleasure".  I was already an Amnesty supporter - Andrew Pearson
  • I've sent money to Amnesty on and off since first hearing about them in the 1960s.  I joined the Ely group at the suggestion of Ben Jupp who could no longer attend meetings and in the hope of being able to do something worthwhile in the world, however small. - Colin Lester
  • I believe in the importance of human rights and that everyone should be treated with the same level of fairness.  I was asked to chair the Ely group by its founder Ben Jupp. - Derek Wilcox
  • I have supported Amnesty International on a monthly basis financially for many years, and I was pleased to find out there was an Ely group I could join. -  Linda Homan
  • I joined Amnesty International shortly after moving to the UK and so have been a member for over 25 years, but with very little active involvement aside from sending money from time to time and writing occasional letters.  Joining a local group seemed a good way of deepening that involvement and perhaps helping to make a small difference in the fight against the manifold injustices in human societies around the world.  - Sally MacEachern
  • I joined Amnesty to try to make a difference by joining with other like-minded people and then participating in action to try to bring about justice. - Sue Evans
  • I joined Amnesty International over 30 years ago after reading an Amnesty advertisement or article about execution by electric chair in the United States of America. This horrified me so much I felt I had to be involved in campaigning against the death penalty and other human rights abuses. - Barbara Grafton


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