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Campaign to support Colombian community

A first for Dundee Amnesty Group. Last month, we joined in a 'phlog' campaign of solidarity and support for the Community of San Jose de Apartado. 'Phlog' is a means of sending a verbal message direct to individuals or communities we wish to support. This was set up by Amnesty (UK) and involved a recorded telephone message which was then linked to the community's own website and may be linked to local radio. Dundee Group have campaigned for the SJA community for about four years as they have been subject to harrassment, death threats and violence from both pro government paramilitaries and rebel groups (FARC) which are in an armed conflict. We have written to our own government ministers, Colombian officials and exchanged email with the community. The phlog was a new action suggested by AI and we were pleased to be able to send it in Spanish.

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