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Talk by Sapna Malik at the next meeting (20th May 2013)

At our next meeting, Sapna Malik will give a talk entitled - “Striking Back at the Empire: Holding Her Majestie's Government to Account for Colonial Wrongs and Unlawful Conduct during the ‘War on Terror’.

Sapna has over 14 years’ experience, specialising in bringing international claims and group actions. She is currently representing former Libyan dissident, Abdul-Hakim Belhaj, and his wife who allege that the UK government was complicit in their unlawful rendition back to Libya, where they were subjected to brutal treatment.  She recently settled a related claim brought by Libyan Sami al-Saadi and his family against the British government and has previously represented former Guantanamo Bay detainee, Binyam Mohamed, in a civil action against the British Security Services for alleged complicity in his torture and unlawful treatment, which resolved out of court in 2010.

Sapna is also leading a team representing over 300 Iraqi citizens who claim that they were subjected to unlawful detention and treatment by British forces in Iraq, with approximately 200 of the claims resolving since mid-2011.  Sapna also represented the family of Baha Mousa (deceased) who was unlawfully killed in British detention in Iraq, and nine Iraqi citizens tortured alongside him that resulted in a global award of £2.83 million and official apologies from the Armed Forces Minister and the British Army. Sapna continued to represent the victims at the Baha Mousa Inquiry, which reported in 2011, together with Phil Shiner of Public Interest Lawyers.


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