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Swithin's Blog #1

I'm Swithin Fry and in just over three weeks I'll be performing 'Dear Tim: Echoes of Death Row' in Croydon thanks to Croydon Amnesty and CYTO, the Croydon Youth Theatre Organisation. In the run-up to this, Croydon Amnesty has kindly allowed me to post a series of blogs here. 

Basically, 'Dear Tim' is about my penpal on Death Row, in Ohio. But it's so much more than that; it is about Tim, Timothy Coleman, but it's also about how a person totally innocent of a crime can fall foul of the American Prosecution system and end up convicted and sentenced to be executed.

In 'Dear Tim', I take you into the stark, Death Row cell in Chillicothe Correctional Institution which has been home for the last 18 years for Tim - Inmate Coleman A328139. This is where, four years after being sentenced to be executed, something amazing happened which should have been his key to freedom. That  was 14 years ago. 

I’ll tell you more in my next blog post.

I wanted to coincide this first blog post with as near to possible to September 25. This is because starting last Christmas, I've been encouraging people all over the world to light a candle for him on the 25th of each month – to stop for a moment and send him thoughts of

'Dear Tim: Echoes of Death Row' is on Saturday, October 17th at 7pm. It's at the CYTO’s Shoestring Theatre in Oakley Road.

Tickets are only £6 (concession £4) and you can get them from:

Sarah Beer - or 020 8656 1000

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