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Webinar on activism for social justice
22nd May 2021 16.00 to 17.45

Amnesty International Corby and Kettering Group are hosting a webinar on the 22nd May, as a part of Amnesty Central England Region’s ‘Festival of Social Justice’.

We hope to showcase some of the important examples of activism in the local region, their global links, and their social significance. Attendees will hear from a range of local activists on their work and causes, and will hopefully come away from the event with ideas on how to get involved or even launch their own campaigns.

This area has a proud history of activism on both local and global issues. The deep roots of activism in the region reach back to the Newton Rebels of 1607 fighting for their land rights, Kettering’s William Knibb working on behalf of Jamaican slaves as an abolitionist, and into more recent history with the Corby mothers who won the landmark Toxic Waste case in 2009.

Speakers at our event in the Festival of Social Justice will cover a diverse range of topics, from championing of safer roads and better transport; the local campaign to ‘Save Weekley Hall Wood’, to the battles of environmental defenders in Central America. Other talks will focus on the local areas’ abolitionist history, how we can all support the fight against modern day slavery, and recent ‘Black Lives Matter’ protests in the region.

Activism is as important as it has ever been, and this area has a history of activism to be proud of. Corby and Kettering Amnesty International are keen to encourage people to speak up on the causes that matter to them, and hope to display during this event the empowering and constructive effects that involvement in activism can have. Our panellists are:

John Padwick and Dez Dell, on behalf of the ‘Save Weekley Hall Woods’ Campaign

Sheila Royce, Regional Team Coordinator for Central America and Mexico

Simon John, Chair of Thetford Amnesty Group, speaking on Modern Day Slavery

Mia and Ofure, students at Kettering Buccleugh Academy, on the Black Lives Matter Campaign

Alison Holland, Brightkidz, on Safe & Sustainable Travel

If you are interested in attending this event, please register for a place using this link. The event will run from 16:00-17:45, with attendees also having the chance to submit questions for the  panellists. The event is not limited to residents of the local area – anybody is more than welcome to attend, regardless of where in the world they are!


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