Open letter to Stephen Mosley MP on UK Human Rights Act

An Open Letter To Stephen Mosley MP, sent for publication in the Chester Chronicle.

The British Government is proposing scrapping the Human Rights Act (under
European Law) and replacing it with a new (UK only) Bill of Rights.

Why the Human Rights Act matters.
At some point we may all need protection. Sadly human rights abuses do occur
HERE at home. We all know we don't live in a perfect world and the Human
Rights Act isn't the answer to every problem, but the Human Rights Act does
protect each and every one of us when the line is crossed by powerful

It is about who we are.
There is a lot of Human Rights Act bashing going on at the moment, often for
no good reason. Such attacks are not only an assault on the law, they are
also an attack on this country's tradition of fair play and our belief in
basic human dignity and justice for everyone.

We in the Chester group of Amnesty International feel that the changes
proposed by the government, whilst perhaps being valid for reasons that
might seem reasonable currently, would not protect the human rights for
people in this country in the future. And neither would the proposals give
protection to our citizens when our own government is both prosecutor and

Alex Kilpatrick
For Chester Group Amnesty International

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