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Communications Update!

We've made a few changes to communication within the group as we are expanding. Here's an update, let me know if you have any thoughts or suggestions (use or comment on this post!):

Website find it at

I'll be managing the website and posting updates about our group. The minutes from meetings will be posted there as well as being emailed out. In due course relevant information from Regional and National Amnesty will be there too. If you'd like anything added to the website, let me know!

Flickr photo site or search on Flickr ( for 'ChesterAmnesty' and click 'groups'

We also have a photo site (partly as the Amnesty website platform does not support using many photos). So if you've any photos you'd like to add to the page, let me know and I will let you know the login or upload them for you.

Facebook page search on Facebook for Chester and Wrexham Amnesty International Group

Updates will be posted here too. This will enable us to better use social networking and keep in touch with other groups such as the University group. Any member of the Facebook group can post on the group and we can also share photos, other websites, etc. If you're not a Facebook member, you won't miss out any information, I'll make sure it's posted on the website too, and all important information will be included in the emails.

Thanks for reading!


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