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About this group

Dear Amnesty Supporter


  • Get more involved in protecting Human Rights


  • Be part of the Amnesty International movement making a difference in the world


  • Contribute to the work of Amnesty in ways that fit with your commitments and skills

The Amnesty Central England Network is a new initiative led by volunteer local activists, working with colleagues in Amnesty UK and local Amnesty groups. We aim to maximise participation and impact in support of Human Rights across the West, East and South Midlands areas.

Simply email to join our flexible supporter Network.  You’ll receive our communications about activities in the region and can participate as much or as little as you wish. We’ll be operating partly online, partly in-person. There’s no cost to joining. You can opt out at any time.  We’d love to have you on board!

If you would like to do more than this, you are also warmly invited to join one of the Network’s teams addressing specific challenges:

  • Become a “Constituency Rep” – Our Network can really come into its own in making the case for Human Rights to the MPs in our region. Our aim is to ensure that as many as possible of the 149 MPs across the Central England region are hearing loud and clear Amnesty’s demands for action on the Human Rights issues of concern to people in our region. With a General Election round the corner we have an opportunity to communicate and build relationships with both MPs and candidates.

If you have very limited time, you could just forward to your MP letters we’ll provide. If you have more time you might want to personalise the template letters or meet with your MP to discuss the particular issues (the Network can help you with this). The Network’s MP Advocacy team is very friendly and supportive and can help you with all aspects of being a Constituency Rep. The expanding Constituency Rep group has already been active on Israel/Gaza, Kashmir and UK Government policy towards refugees and asylum seekers.

Please email if you could be a Constituency Rep for the Network or would like to know more.

  • Join one of our campaign teams – We already have over 50 people who have offered to participate in the various teams we’ve established for our priority campaigning areas. These are:
  • Antiracism (particularly in the UK)
  • Oppressed minorities (initially we’re focusing on Israel/Palestine, Kashmir, the Uyghurs and women and girls in Afghanistan)
  • Refugees/asylum-seekers (particularly in the UK)

We intend to campaign in ways relevant to our region. This will involve working with other organisations, diverse local communities and targeting local decision-makers.

If you would like to be involved in one of these campaigning areas or find out more, please email

  • Help with our communications and events – If you would like to help with Network comms and publicity - whether supporter updates, calls to action, website, social media, organising local events or online/in-person speakers etc – or want to find to find out more, please email

This is a great opportunity to be part of defending and promoting Human Rights in our region. With severe challenges to fundamental Human Rights taking place around the globe and in the UK, it feels like our voices and work have never been more needed. We look forward to welcoming you to the Amnesty Central England Network and making a difference!

With best wishes

The Amnesty Central England Network Organising Team

Amnesty Central England Network is a flexible network of people in our region, taking action and contributing to a powerful and impactful movement to promote and defend human rights. We aim to be welcoming and inclusive, and to provide opportunities for people to engage based on the time, skills and resources they can commit.