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July 2012 Newsletter & Monthly Appeal Letters from June meeting

The latest Newsletter for the Group with details of the June 2012 meeting can be downloaded from below. 

The June meeting included a talk from Ann Marcus, Amnesty UK's Egypt Country Co-ordinator.  More information on the human rights situation in Egypt (including Amnesty's reports) can be found in the link on the right hand side.

There are two monthly appeals letters in June (they can also be downloaded from below).  The first is for Azimjan Askarov who has been imprisoned in Kyrgystan after documenting violence involving different ethnic groups; it is alleged that the confession which has led to his conviction was beaten from him.  The second letter is for Nguyen Van Ly a pro-democracy activist in Vietnam who has been peacefully advocating human rights, but has now been jailed.  If you would like to help please sign, address and post the two letters (they will cost 87p each to post).

Our next meeting is on Tuesday 12 July at 7.30pm - details of where the meetings are held can be found by looking under About this Group (on the right hand side of our front page).  All are very welcome to attend the meeting.

July 2012 Newsletter
Appeal letter for Azimjan Askarov
Appeal letter for Nguyen Van Ly
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