March Newsletter now available

Here's hoping it gets a bit warmer for our fund-raiser this Saturday, 24 March, when our Street Collection is taking place in Chichester: we don't want it too cold for our buskers and collectors.  If you are thinking about collecting, and haven't decided yet, please don't let the cold weather put you off - think about the hot chocolate you can reward yourself with, when you've finished your slot!

This month's Newsletter includes early warnings of our events taking place in June, including a talk at Chichester Cathedral by Kate Allen, as part of the Festival of Chichester 2018.  We are very pleased to welcome her to speak, and very pleased to be holding an event hosted by the Cathedral.

The Newsletter also includes some information about Football Welcomes Refugees in April, and in particular highlights a local team, Nations United, who are supported by Sanctuary in Chichester.

Actions to be taken are focussed on Women's Rights in Northern Ireland and on a Human Rights Defender in Chile, Rodrigo Mundaca, who defends community access to water.  It is World Water Day on 22 March, so this is a very timely action.

Newsletter March 2018
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