Buskers and street collection 2014

Thanks to our talented buskers and determined collectors, this year's street collection proved a great success, with  £655.00 raised from the Saturday shoppers in Chichester.


Our thanks to Jilli Webber for organising the tins, the licences and the collection timetable, and to all our talented buskers for entertaining the shoppers and ensuring this collection was such a success.


Visit our Flickr page for photos of the buskers :

Vox Angelica: Jemma Clunies-Ross, Emma Barnes, Jemimah Collett 

Dutch Criminal Record: Riordan Hanan, Sam Thrussell , Joe Delaney. 

The Fishbourne Morris Band

St. Paul's Flutes 

Kevyn Chambers, Voller Organs

Colin Crouch (busking poems) 

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