November 2021 (4)
Nov 29 2021 4:56PM
Anti-fascism in Sunderland Between the Wars and Reflections for Today

After Oswald Mosely established the British Union of Fascists in early 1931 (1) , he saw Northeast England, with its widesperad economic problems and high unemployment as one ot the areas, most susceptible to his messages of Anti...

Nov 20 2021 11:28AM
The Struggle for Women’s Rights in the Northeast - and across the World

The struggle for women’s rights has been going on in the Northeast England for many centuries. The Northeast played a major role in the fight for women to have the vote and indeed one of the most prominent of all Suffragettes had roots...

Nov 1 2021 6:58AM
Roma News October 2021

The "Czech Nightingale" pop music survey returns with improvements, Romani musicians are in the line up, write-in candidates also possible On 2nd October reported that the Czech Nightingale popular music survey had returned...

Nov 1 2021 6:50AM
Trade Union Rights October 2021

This is a quick survey of some of the major trade union issues in the world today, collated from ITUC and the ILO News. Stories taken from: https:// and