October 2019 (4)
Oct 11 2019 12:44PM
Remembering the Peterloo Protest in Newcastle
See the flyer.
Oct 11 2019 12:42PM
Art Exhibition in Sunderland
See the flyer.
Oct 7 2019 9:18PM
Human Rights Day Event in Sunderland
The event will take place at Sunderland Minster. We're still at the planning stage, so input is welcome. fyi, here's the running order from last year (which is a guide only for this year): Stalls set up by 2 pm. Refreshments available...
Oct 2 2019 9:22AM
A Living Tradition CIC Gateshead Roma Kavárna Project Report for September 2019
This has been another very busy month at the Kavarna drop-in after the summer break. We had a client with bad toothache, who had an inquiry about getting dental help. This involved giving advice about the level of service that should b...