June 2018 (5)
Jul 26 2018 7:23PM
A Living Tradition Gateshead Roma Kavárna Project Report May 2018
It has been another busy month for the Gatesehad Roma Kavárna Project. Again we have seen a large number of people attending the Thursday morning sessions and we have also had visitors from afar. Again we have seen issues around person...
Jun 14 2018 11:04PM
Reg Conf June 2018 - Fundraising
Information from Richard Glynn The Community Fundraising team will be publishing fundraising guidelines shortly. Please keep an eye out for these in the local group mailing and read them thoroughly. They will help you navigate new rule...
Jun 14 2018 1:27PM
Reg Conf June 2018 - Circles of Commitment
Circles of Commitment: The "Australian" Model
Jun 13 2018 10:28PM
Reg Conf June 2018 - Children's Network
The Children's Network gave a very interesting presentation.
Jun 13 2018 9:55PM
Reg Conf June 2018 Photographs
See the photographs of The Action by clicking on the link.