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Sign up to Amnesty Uncovers for £10 a month, and you’ll receive exclusive and behind-the-scenes information about Amnesty’s investigative work around the world, including first-hand accounts of people on the ground in crisis zones.

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You’ll also receive an exclusive welcome pack, which includes social media badges for you to proudly share your support.  


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What you get:

Sign up for Amnesty Uncovers

Sign up for £10 a month  
Join Amnesty Uncovers with a regular gift that could: 

Help cover the travel costs of investigators in crisis or conflict zones 

Help pay for local translators and fixers who support our investigators on the ground by arranging travel, meetings, and equipment 

Help provide the vital technology our investigators need to expose human rights violations. 

Receive your welcome pack

Receive your digital welcome pack  

Discover in detail how being part of Amnesty Uncovers will help facilitate investigations in crisis or conflict zones. Your welcome pack includes first-hand information and reporting from our investigators. 

Receive monthly updates

Monthly updates from the UK and around the world 

Each month you’ll receive exclusive information that shows the vital role you’re playing in holding perpetrators to account. You’ll discover exactly what your monthly gift could be paying for and how that facilitates our investigations globally. 

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