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The climate crisis threatens human survival and all human rights – to life, health, housing, water and sanitation, and livelihood. Use the resources on this page to explore climate change with your students and empower them to take action.

Our Planet, Our Rights: Climate Explainer pocket guide 

Use this pocket guide to introduce your students to climate change and how it affects human rights. The guide also includes actions that your students can take in order to take action.

Words that Burn: Dream through Poetry activity 

Using the poem 'I Dream a World' by Langston Hughes as a starting point, this activity enables students to explore their dreams for the future of the world, and the change they would like to see, through the medium of poetry. 

Online Courses: 

Championing Change: Human Rights and the Climate Crisis

In this free online course, learn why climate change is a human rights issue, and how human rights can be used as a tool to combat the climate crisis. This course is designed for students who are  13+. 

Our Rights, Our Planet

Take part in this free online course for 12-16-year-olds. Here, students can learn more about how your human rights are connected to the environment, and how they can take action to stand up for their environmental rights! 

This course is also available as a PDF booklet.

This course was designed and developed by Indici Opponibili and Articolo12.