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Door-to-Door Fundraising

We are following government guidelines to make sure this activity is undertaken safely, with extra measures in place to protect everyone’s health.

The health and safety of our supporters and fundraisers is our top priority. We have brought in extra measures to protect everyone’s health. We are following government guidelines, the Institute of Fundraising guidelines, and will continue to review our fundraising to make sure it’s safe.

Door-to-door and private site fundraising (takes place in venues like shopping centres) are very important and effective parts of our fundraising programme. It enables fundraisers to engage with members of the public to raise awareness of the work we do, as well as find new regular donors to play our lottery.

We are using the following professional fundraising agencies to help us fundraise: SMILE Fundraising. All their fundraisers have been thoroughly trained, and we regularly monitor and review their work to make sure they are delivering the best service.

Following both the government guidelines and guidance set out by the Fundraising Regulator and Institute of Fundraising, we have taken the below steps to ensure our fundraising activity is conducted as safely as possible:

  • All fundraisers will be trained in COVID-19 health and safety measures and social distancing before they begin fundraising again.
  • All fundraisers will maintain a 2m distance from all members of the public, and we won’t fundraise in areas where a 2m distance can’t be maintained (e.g. narrow pathways). 
  • Only one fundraiser will approach a door at any time.
  • All fundraisers will wear face coverings and will carry and use hand sanitiser.
  • Contactless fundraising forms will be prioritised. Where tablets are given to a member of the public, they will be disinfected before and after every use.
  • Fundraisers will only leave behind leaflets in some circumstances when a member of the public wants a physical confirmation of their lottery entry, instead we will prioritise sending email confirmations.
  • If a fundraiser believes or discovers that a member of the public is vulnerable, self-isolating or uncomfortable holding the conversation, the fundraiser will politely move on.
  • All fundraisers will be offered regular COVID-19 tests.

Frequently asked questions

What safety measures have you put in place during the COVID-19 pandemic?

All fundraisers will be trained on COVID-19 health and safety measures and social distancing before they begin fundraising again. They will wear face coverings, carry and use hand sanitiser regularly. Fundraisers will maintain a 2m distance from all members of the public, and only one fundraiser will approach a door at any time. In addition, we are prioritising contactless sign up forms, and we’ll only ever leave behind a confirmation card if requested by the supporter. All fundraisers will be offered regular COVID-19 tests. 

What if someone is self-isolating or doesn’t want to talk?

If someone informs one of our fundraisers that they are self-isolating then the fundraisers will move politely on. If someone is simply uncomfortable having a conversation, then the fundraisers will respect their wishes and move on. We recognise that not everyone wants to engage with us at this time – and our fundraisers will never put pressure on a member of the public to carry on the conversation.

Is it appropriate to be knocking on people’s doors at this time?

The decision to restart door-to-door fundraising has been thoroughly evaluated. We have put in place measures to protect everyone’s safety. We will continue to monitor fundraiser and supporter feedback, as well as government guidance.  We will make sure that our fundraising does not harm members of the public or put our fundraisers at risk. COVID-19 is a human rights crisis and we must campaign for governments around the world to protect people throughout the pandemic, on top of our ongoing fight for human rights.

Why does Amnesty International UK run door-to-door and private site campaigns?

Door-to-door and private site fundraising are cost-effective ways for us to engage with new supporters, enabling them to give regular financial support to our work. We use our fundraisers to promote our weekly lottery. This is a great way to support human rights and be in with the chance of winning cash prizes.

How do I know if the fundraiser is legitimate?

Our fundraisers will always wear Amnesty International UK branded t-shirts or jackets. They will also carry official identification cards including a photo and unique fundraiser ID number, both of which are required by law. The identification card will also carry the name of the agency they work for – SMILE Fundraising. All fundraisers will have a larger version of their ID badge (either on a piece of paper, or on their tablet) – so even from a distance of 2m you will be able to check their details.

Our fundraisers are working in the following locations: Newcastle, Cardiff, Leicester, Birmingham and surrounding areas.

How do I amend or cancel my direct debit if I sign up and change my mind?

Please email

How do I make a complaint?

If you’re unhappy about something or wish to give feedback, please email a member of our Supporter Communications Team at

Please provide as much information as you can so we can investigate all complaints as thoroughly and quickly as possible. A location and description of a fundraiser is useful to any investigation.