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Consultation on proposed Rules for Amnesty International UK Section

Deadline extended to 19 October

Over the past few years Amnesty International UK Section has reviewed its governance and constitution to ensure that we are an effective democratic organisation that is truly representative of our members, and focussed on achieving positive human rights changes.

Our 2015 and 2016 Annual General Meetings agreed a number of amendments for updating our constitution. This year’s also agreed that the Board should draft Rules to support our constitutional and governance changes.

The proposed rules will give members greater control over Amnesty UK’s governance. Like the formal Articles they are binding on Amnesty UK Section, but the rules can be amended by an ordinary resolution at an AGM, and thus provide an element of flexibility so that Amnesty UK’s structures and processes can evolve in line with the needs of the organisation

The proposed Rules aim to provide greater transparency about our governance requirements. Whilst binding on Amnesty UK Section, they are also intended to enable more flexibility than the formal Articles currently provide for. They can also be changed at the AGM. 

The 2016 AGM agreed that members be consulted on these proposed Rules, before the Rules are submitted to the 2017 AGM for adoption by ordinary resolution.

These draft Rules have been developed in conjunction with our Activism Sub-Committee, which supports the Board in monitoring and supporting the health, growth and impact of our activism in the UK.

Download the proposed Rules to read and comment on (PDF)

They are drafted to be consistent with the Companies Act, our Articles of Association and the law more generally.

What is being proposed?

The draft Rules largely codify and bring together in one place existing policies.  In particular, they:

  • Contain a Membership Policy which clarifies the arrangements for becoming and ceasing to be a member
  • Explain the arrangements for holding general meetings
  • Explain the role of the AGM Committees

When is it planned for the Rules to take effect?

Following consultation, the proposed Rules will be presented to Amnesty UK Section’s 2017 AGM and if approved, they would take immediate effect.

The AGM can also make changes to the Rules.

How can I make my views known?

The consultation is open between 1 August and 19 October and we’re encouraging all members to send any comments to us before a final draft goes to the AGM for a vote in April.

Please send your comments to by 19 October.

Consultation on proposed Rules