Protest at violence in Zimbabwe - 18 April

The TUC is supporting a lunchtime vigil on Monday 18 April – the 31st anniversary of Zimbabwe's independence – to protest about the rising level of violence in that country. The vigil will take place outside the Zimbabwean Embassy on the Strand from 1-2pm and is organised by Action for Southern Africa (ACTSA).

The violence which marred previous elections in Zimbabwe is being ramped up again now by supporters of the President, Robert Mugabe, in a clear attempt to intimidate people ahead of the next elections. It is worse in the rural areas than in the towns, but has spread even into Harare in recent weeks.

Political, civil society and trade union activists – especially women – are being harassed and attacked by militias and other ZANU PF supporters, including elements of the police who are still under ZANU PF control.

We believe that without an end to the violence, the Zimbabwean people's right to democracy is under threat.

We urge other organisations to let ACTSA know if they can help promote and support the vigil.

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