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Gaza Update (3) Support humanitarian aid

As suggested in my last posting on Gaza, I wasn't  planning to post again so soon on Gaza, but here's a personal response to the BBC fiasco

I will leave it to others to make the case more cogently than I, but I do believe the refusal of the BBC to broadcast the Disasters Emergency Committeehumanitarian appeal for Gaza is plain wrong – and a sign of the verypartiality that the Corporation claims to want to avoid. Shame on them.

There are of course many ways to support the humanitarian needs of thePalestinian people – at the Amnesty union shop we’re supporting the TUC Aid appeal, Lambeth Unisonare collecting for Medical Aid for Palestinians, but in sympathy andsolidarity with the DEC’s reputable and reliable relief work, I’vedipped into my pocket and given to the DEC Gaza Appeal too. After all, they are reputable and impartial.

If you don't agree with the Corporation's decision you can complain to the BBC here, and you can read and respond to the Director General's blog here, for as long as they keep the entry open. The wonderful people at Avaaz have also started an online protest


26 January: The leaders of the two biggest unions representing broadcasting workers have condemned the BBC and Sky's decision not to broadcast a charity appeal for humanitarian aid to Gaza.

Jeremy Dear, General Secretary of the National Union of Journalists, and Gerry Morrisey, General Secretary of BECTU have called the ban "wrong". They have written to the BBC and Sky asking them to reconsider.


27 January: The following caught my attention in the Guardian in an article about the dispute: "The Board of Deputies of British Jews said after last night's broadcastit was "inclined not to comment", but added: "There is no doubt thatany appeal which simply seeks to raise money for innocent civiliansshould be applauded."

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