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Thank you for supporting us in our struggles

“Thank you for all of the actions you have carried out to support us in our struggles, and in favour of the rights of Nicaraguan women and girls.”

These are the words of Juanita Jiménez Martínez.  She is one of the nine Nicaraguan women  featured in our latest Greetings Card Campaign. Those women are taking risks everyday for defending the rights of women and girl in their country.

Here are some of their messages for you…

From Juanita Jiménez Martínez

Juanita Jimenez with a wall full of solidarity message

Juanita Jiménez Martínez with a wall full of solidarity messages in her organisation Autonomous Women’s Movement

“Thank you for all of the actions which you have carried out to support us in our struggles, and in favour of the rights of Nicaraguan women and girls.

For me it has been very special to receive 125 cards addressed to me personally, some of which were hand made with a lot of creativity. I’ve put them on the walls of the office of the Autonomous Women’s Movement [the organization which Juanita Jiménez belongs to], and they’ve had a lot of attention from other activists and journalists who visit our centre.

A German national TV channel visited us in January to film a documentary on the criminalization of all forms of abortion, and interviewed me in the office, where they also filmed the cards so that in the documentary they could mention the campaign and the international solidarity we have received”.

From Ana María Pizarro

Ana Maria Pizarro in front of the solidarity cards she's received at SI MUJER.

Ana Maria Pizarro in front of the solidarity cards she's received at SI MUJER.

“In the last three months we have received 1766 solidarity cards from Spain, Japan, Norway, Australia, Greece, Italy, Malaysia, Singapore, Slovenia, Scotland, Finland, Great Britain, France, Northern Ireland, Canada, Germany, the USA, England and Iran.

With the help of colleagues and friends we have put them up on two walls of the SI Mujer office [the organization which Ana María belongs to, which offers health care and other services to women] with a notice that reads ‘International solidarity with the politically persecuted feminists’. The women who require the services of SI MUJER, who are more than a thousand every month, love reading the cards.”

From Mayra Sirias

“ Dear colleagues, friends, sisters:

I don’t have the words to thank you for such solidarity, the product of such beautiful and powerful work which all of you have been doing for us and for so many other people and organizations in the world who are suffering persecution and injustice.

Since two years ago I have been seriously affected by the complaint alleging five crimes which, together with another eight prominent women leaders of different organizations, we have been facing, but when I feel such tenderness, understanding, solidarity, love, energy and dedication from people from different parts of the world who are watching what is happening in Nicaragua and watching the legitimate work which we are trying to develop, my spirit is strengthened and the size of our struggle grows, we realize that we are not alone, that a huge wave is growing and that joining forces we can fight to achieve human rights for women and for men.

The cards which I received in December from organizations and individuals encourage me and my organization, the Network of Women Against Violence, to carry on.

We will carry on fighting for the restitution of therapeutic abortion.

We will carry on fighting for the decriminalization of abortion.

We will carry on fighting for the respect for the lives of women and against all violence against women.

We will carry on fighting for sexual and reproductive rights.

Thank you very much”

Many thanks to everyone who sent a solidarity card – your actions have been truly appreciated.

Please continue to take action by writing to the Nicaraguan authorities calling on them to resolve this case and clarify the legal position of the nine women’s rights defenders.

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