Do we have to witness such brutality in the 21th centruy?

Third world countries are often blames for their abuse of human rights which is true by itself. What happens when in France, a socalled "civilised" country people are treated in such a shamful way? I was applauled and disgusted to see the French police dragging women with babies on their backs on the ground to evacuate them from some premises.  Watch the video if you can to the end. I couldn't. It was like a scene from a horror film.

It is true that France has a problem with migration but for god sake these were women and children! What would happen to those babies after going through such traumas? Migartion cannot and will not be stopped by such brutalities. Migration is a universal problem. The root of the problem must be tackled not the manifestation of it which is dragging women with babies on the backs, assualting them and murdering one.

The French government must be ashamed of its handling of illegal migrants. This way the French add to the problem not solve it. Now the whole international body of human rights must demand regard for human rights anywhere under any condition. Human rights of illegal migrants must be respected the same as any other human. French police must be accountable for such crimes agaqinst women and children.   



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