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My dad, Kamal

On Tuesday I was meant to see my father for the first time in five years. Instead he is spending his 1,918th night in prison in Iran. I am heartbroken.

My father is 76 years old. He is a British-Iranian citizen and was arrested in Iran years ago. The Iranian authorities have never publicly admitted holding him, let alone explain why he was taken. He is one of a number of British-Iranian citizens being held in jail in Iran right now.

Last year I started a petition and with the support of over 190,000 signers, my dad's story has been told in national newspapers and spoken about in Parliament.

Last week we were told by Iranian officials that my father would be released, that all parties had agreed he should be freed and that the final papers needed to release him would arrive on Tuesday. But it hasn't happened.

Our lawyers have told us to stay hopeful. But we have had our hopes raised and then cruelly dashed before. If my dad is not released in the next few days I will fear the worst, that once again days will turn into weeks and into years.

All my family can do is keep public attention on what is happening. My dad has been promised freedom, he is 76 years old -- it's time for him to come home to London to be with his wife (my step-mum), my sister, me and his two granddaughters.

By Kamran Foroughi

Send Kamal a birthday message

Kamran Foroughi was told that his dad, Kamal Foroughi, would be released from Iranian prison – but they're still waiting for it to happen. In the meantime, Kamran and the rest of Kamal’s family continue to campaign for his release.

It's Kamal's birthday on 3 September, and Kamran is collecting birthday messages for his dad. Write a message for Kamal in the form below and we'll make sure it reaches him.

Thank you to everyone who sent Kamal a birthday message. He and his family appreciated each one of them.

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