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Brothers (and sisters) in arms

The debate on violence against women at the Scottish TUC annual congress in Inverness was remarkable. Not because it featured two strong composites, each committing the labour movement in Scotland to firm action against discrimination. That sort of progressive engagement is bread and butter stuff for the brothers and sisters. 


What might have raised an eyebrow was that the two issues under debate were both priority campaigns for Amnesty International’s Scottish office and each pledged support for our work.


The composite motion on people trafficking called on the UK Government to ratify the European Convention Against Trafficking and on the UK and Scottish Governments to do more to support the victims and prosecute the traffickers.


The following motion pledged detailed support for the White Ribbon Campaign and called on affiliated unions to consider hosting a men’s conference to consider the issue of violence against women – which would be marvellous!


To top it all Alex Salmond (do I need to say that he’s Scotland’s First Minister?) was in town to address the Congress and agreed to stop by for a photocall wearing a White Ribbon and giving his support to the Campaign.


Big thanks must go to the campaigners of the Scottish Women’s Convention who did a fantastic job of giving everyone at the conference a White Ribbon, and ensuring that the great majority of them actually got worn.


All in all a good day not at the office.


Happy May Day everyone !!


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