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2009 and a that

I had a lovely three weeks off around Christmas and New Year. Didn’t do much except enjoy the good things in life – food, drink, books and company. So my initial response to the alarm clock on Monday morning was that surely here was a most fundamental abuse of what was increasingly seeming like an inalienable right to doss about in the comfort of my own home.

My main task of the week was to put together plans for our new campaigning year (which runs from April, in case you think I’m not planning ahead). By the end of the week there were already too many ideas in the pot and some of them will just have to go, given that my first work resolution for New Year is to do less. An admirable sentiment in itself, but the intention is to "do less better" – a phrase popularised by then First Minister Jack McConnell, who then proceeded to push huge amounts of legislation past a reeling Parliament.

My second work resolution is to "go back to basics", another winning political slogan which saw then Prime Minister John Major helpless as a constant stream of his party colleagues were hauled through the tabloids for some misdemeanour or other. Rather than worry over the records of my office colleagues I’m simply thinking of spending a little more time on our core activities of working with media, politicians and education establishment in Scotland. With so many other enticing activities about, it can be easy to forget those core relationships.

My third and final resolution is to make sure and write this blog every Friday lunchtime, giving that special insight into the inner workings of Amnesty’s office in Scotland.

So, see you same time, same place every week.

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