Your chance to tell The Man

There is some debate around about whether ‘online activism’ petitions, Facebook groups and webchats, are worthwhile and as fruitful as more old style methods of campaigning – like getting arrested…

We’re sure we’ve got one that’s definitely worth taking part in today – in response to some concerted Twitterers pestering Shell to answer questions about its human rights conduct in the Niger Delta, the oil giant has relented and will today host a live webchat, from 2-3pm UK time, at its wonderfully entitled site,

Anyone can register and submit a question, like:

Why do you claim that the huge majority of oil spills are due to sabotage when no independent body has ever surveyed this? Do you understand how that looks to local people who are having their land and water wrecked?

Why are you still using gas flaring when it was made illegal more than 20 years ago, and when there is a lot of evidence to show it damages people’s health and livelihoods?

If the Nigerian government decides to bring in stronger regulation of the oil industry will you publicly commit not to lobby against this?

We love it. So much so that Amnesty will be hosting a parallel chat, starting at 1.30pm and going on after the Shell chat finishes at The Amnesty webchat will include the author of the report we recently published on Shell’s human rights record on the Niger Delta and other experts on companies and human rights. We have a fair idea of what questions have already been submitted to Shell (!) and will be able to see what they are choosing to answer questions on.

What are you doing from 1.30? Hope you can join us…

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