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Trafigura settles out of court

The biggest human rights story in the news today has to be the reports of British oil trading company Trafigura agreeing to settle out of court with 31,000 people in Ivory Coast.

British law firm Leigh Day were representing the Ivorian people in an unusual attempt to bring a class action on their behalf against Trafigura for allegedly dumping toxic waste in the capital Abidjan in 2006 which was followed by deaths and widespread serious illness.

The BBC, who are the subject of libel action by Trafigura, have published big stories on the settlement and the company’s dealings. Last night’s BBC Newsnight was a comprehensive report and includes links to its previous investigations as well as some Trafigura internal emails. They also link to a statement issued by Trafigura last night. The Guardian, also the subject of threats from Trafigura, has extensive online and audio reporting.

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