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Tales of the unexpected

The news is full of surprises today. Hillary beats Obama to second place in the New Hampshire primary, the BBC reports that Kenny Richeys flight from Chicago to Edinburgh has been delayed due to bad weather, and people can now sing along to their favourite tune as they can shock any unwelcome persons coming their way with the new stun gun which, according to the Guardian has been dubbed the iTaser.  More on the new handbag-size weapon anon.


Meanwhile, Amnestys Secretary-General Irene Khan is in Bangladesh where shes meeting bloggers and young journalists later today, encouraging them to promote human rights.


Since emergency regulations have been placed in Bangladesh following last years violent protests, human rights have been increasingly squashed in that country. Irene Khan has urged the Government to lift restrictions on freedom of expression and to encourage an effective democracy. Coinciding with this trip is the launch of - Amnestys brand-new website targeted at Bangla speaking campaigners around the world.


Finally as I mentioned earlier, Taser International has launched its latest version of the electro-shock weapon at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.


Taser Int. are quick to point out that this new-style weapon comes in leopard print, pink or red. But they fail to point out that more than 220 people have died after being shot by a Taser by police in the US and Canada since 2001, with a recent example being that of Mr Robert Dziekanski at Vancouver airport.  I guess those facts arent particularly great selling points.


Til the next time.

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