Still waiting...

Two weeks later and the people of Zimbabwe still have no idea who the country’s official president is because elections results have still not been declared. The BBC is reporting that a high court judge will decide on whether the electoral commission should release the results today.

Last Thursday Amnesty called on the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) leaders who were meeting over the weekend to urge the electoral commission to reveal the results.   Several Sunday newspapers carried Amnesty’s other concern that the violence springing up in the country was co-ordinated and targeted. 

Let’s hope that the people of Zimbabwe have a chance to find out the results soon and that the post election tension is dissipated.

Elsewhere in Africa, a conflict in Sudan has been raging unabated for five years. To mark the fifth year of the Darfur war, thousands of people around the world took part in the fifth Global Day for Darfur. Despite the wet weather, there was quite a good turnout in London too with Harry Potter star, Jason Isaacs taking part as well.

Although this has been the fifth Day for Darfur, international desire to see an end to this conflict has not waned.  Celebrities such as Thandie Newton, Joely Richardson and Matt Damon endorsed this Global Day of Action – some great pictures and video on the Telegraph’s site.  And also on Marie Claire's site. Also authors including JK Rowling and Judy Blume who have called for an end to the bloodshed as well.  

Too many people have died or been affected by this conflict. It really is time to put an end to this. We don’t want to mark the sixth anniversary next year.

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