Spookily close to the truth

Although I am slightly gutted that I missed the first episode of Spooks which was on last week (I was in NYC so really I shouldnt complain), Im delighted its back on the screen. Its just as gripping as previous seasons although I have to say this weeks storyline is slightly reminiscent of 24 season 3. Didnt they too have a virus that was going to wipe out half of Los Angeles?

And dont 24s CTU and Jack Bauer regularly use kidnappings and pretty harsh interrogation techniques to save the lives of innocent people?

Back in the real world but staying with kidnapping and the sort, Amnestys new report on Hamas and Fatah published today reveals how serious human rights abuses have occurred on both sides. It highlights how arbitrary detentions, torture and other ill-treatment are becoming increasingly frequent in the Gaza Strip since Hamas took power, and also how President Abbas has failed to hold Fatah to account for unlawful killing, hostage taking and other abuses.

As the situation in Burma wasnt in much of the US news that I managed to catch while there, its heartening for me to hear that in the UK today thousands of people are marking the 12th year of Aung San Suu Kyis house arrest.  And it was also encouraging to see Gordon Browns opinion piece on todays Comment is Free marking this also. Heartening to know that the world hasnt forgotten that situation.

Til the next time.

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