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Sleeping more soundly

Brilliant news in late last night, too late for todays British newspapers Scotsman Kenny Richey is to be moved off death row in Ohio and into a regular county jail.

This is an enormous triumph for those who have campaigned on Mr Richeys case for many years one of the most alarming examples of a possible miscarriage of justice in the US penal system.

Amnesty is now calling for Kenny to be released on bail on humanitarian grounds while he prepares for his re-trial.

Over the past 20 years Kenny has had 13 execution dates set, and on one occasion even had his legs shaved for the electric chair. Can you imagine what is must feel like for Kenny tonight, to be going to sleep in a place where he is not in a queue for the execution chamber?

Someone else who will be sleeping well tonight is the press office very own Liz who gave birth to a huge 9 pound 11 ounce Jones Ray Antley today. All our thoughts are with them both.

Im the one then who is not sleeping well - I toss and turn to try and find a comfortable position to sleep in but my big pregnant bump is having none of it.

Well, only 5 or so weeks to go and Ill be joining Liz in the push-chair (or as she would say stroller) stakes, when both of us will have this to look forward to

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