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Setting the cat among the pigeons in east Africa

Today's UN report detailing war crimes committed in the DRC between 1993 and 2003 has been beset with controversy and defensive rebuttals from first Rwanda and today Uganda.

The much debated and well-leaked Mapping report details the gross human rights violations committed in the DRC during the height of the country’s conflict and is pointing the figure well and truly at troops from both Rwanda and Uganda.  The Rwandan government was the first to reject these claims, describing it as an ‘insult to history’ and today as the Guardian reports, Uganda has followed suit

Despite fears that outrage from Rwanda would lead to a watering down of the document with removals of allegations of genocide, early reports suggest that more cautious language has been used but the basis of the allegations remain.

CNN has reported that the launch of the report could trigger regional instability as countries’ troops are accused of committing some of the worst crimes committed known to man. 

There’s no doubt about it, this report has most certainly set the cat amongst the pigeons, not only with neighbouring countries but also the DRC and the government’s deep failings in the judicial system which has not as yet been able to hold the perpetrators to account.

It’s now up to the Congolese government to take on board these findings, and to make every effort to hold perpetrators of these dreadful violations to account. No one is above the law – no matter who they are.


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