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Marnie Pearce - a mother's pain laid bare

It’s not often that we get to link to the Sun but today they carry a harrowing video of Marnie Pearce, a British woman jailed in Dubai for adultery, handing over her children to her estranged husband, perhaps for ever. She denies the charges.

Amnesty is calling for her immediate release as we believe that the sex lives of consenting adults shouldn’t be a matter for the law in the first place.

This coming Monday (16 March) Marnie will hear the verdict of her final appeal. But even if she is released, she is worried that she may never see her children again. Marnie Pearce is likely to be deported upon her release without an opportunity to argue her case at the custody hearing.

It’s the custody hearing that is particularly worrying – both parents should have a fair chance to have their say and the two boys should also be able to express their views, via an advocate appointed to them.

Sadly it seems highly unlikely that this will happen. And you can see the impact that this is having on Marnie Pearce.

Friends have set up an online campaign for her here.

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