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Keeping the peace

A new Amnesty report has put Darfur back on the news agenda this morning.


The report highlights how the security level is worsening for people now living in camps in the region.


As the BBC reports, Amnestys concerned that the new UN-led peacekeeping force in Darfur isnt able to carry out its duties fully because the international community has been slow to provide logistical support and the Sudanese government is obstructing plans.


Although Kenya is dominating most media outlets foreign affairs sections, the precarious situation for people in Darfur is far from over.  Check out Amnestys Crisis web page for a full copy of the report.


A recent appointment to the Sudanese government doesnt look set to do much to improve conditions in Darfur either.


 The Times and the Guardian report that a military leader accused of leading government-backed militia involved in committing some of the worst devastation in Darfur, has been appointed a special adviser to a senior government minister.


 Colourfully described as the poster child for Janjaweed atrocities in Darfur", Musa Hilal has actually admitted to recruiting Janjaweed militia but denies involvement in the scorched-earth campaign.


 Arguably this wasnt the best appointment by the Sudanese government.


Well just before I sign off, wanted to mention that tomorrow Zimbabwes main opposition party the MDC is organising a march to demand free and fair elections in March.  The party has said that they would ignore the government order to stop it from going ahead.


Im sure we all remember last years events when footage came out of Zimbabwe showing how protesters were brutally beaten by police officers, leaving the leader of the MDC, Morgan Tsvangirai, brutally beaten and in hospital and one activist died after being shot by police.  Lets hope that history doesnt repeat itself tomorrow.


Til the next time

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