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Exposing the truth in Sri Lanka

There was an excellent expose in The Times newspaper today. An investigation by the paper rubbished claims by the Sri Lankan government that a video of a Tamil Tiger fighter being executed during the recent conflict was fabricated. The video was originally aired by Channel 4 in August and shows a naked man, being bound and blindfolded, before being made to kneel and then being shot in the back of the head by a man dressed in a Sri Lankan army uniform. The Times’ investigation was conducted by an independent forensic expert.Meanwhile, The Guardian reported yet another atrocity to surface from the country. The report in today’s paper highlights the plight of three Tamil Tiger leaders who were allegedly shot dead on the direct orders of the country’s defence minister while trying to surrender to government forces.While it has been vigorously denied by the Sri Lankan authorities, the report comes directly from one of the generals in charge of the last offensive against the Tamil Tigers – Sarath Fonseka.Both stories just add further strength to Amnesty International’s call for the establishment of an independent international commission to investigate the growing number of serious human rights violations during the conflict.The only positive we can draw out of today is that at least the stories are starting to surface.

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