Coup consequences

It’s unusual to have so many international news stories dominate the news agenda. Ongoing Uighur protests in China, President Obama making a speech in Russia and more discussion about MJ’s memorial are the hot subjects at the moment. But one other foreign story which is still getting decent airtime across British media is the critical situation in Honduras.  

As the Washington Examiner reports, Hillary Clinton is scheduled to meet ousted President Manuel Zelaya who’ll ask the US to impose sanctions on Honduras.

Meanwhile some correspondents who are able to get access to the country are reporting on the excessive force used by security forces to quell protestors and the Honduras. The Times reports how one teenager was killed and about 30 protestors injured on the airstrip by security forces after dozens of supporters awaited the ousted President’s plane.  

There are also reports that media restrictions are being imposed across the country.  

Amnesty has warned that rule of law and human rights are at serious risk across this Central American state and is urging authorities to fully respect human rights and basic freedoms.

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