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The count has begun

This Mondays been so busy in the press office that the blog arrives a little late today. In fact, as we write, polling stations have just closed in Pakistan, as the countrys people have taken part in the much-awaited election.


 So far, according to recent news reports, it appears that although there have been some isolated pockets of violence, the major bomb attacks that were expected havent happened.  Have a read of Jemima Khans piece in todays Independent she writes from Islamabad as an observer to the treatment towards these elections in comparison to the previous two elections she observed.


One story that didnt grab much media attention last week which Amnesty flagged up was the shocking case of a woman in Equatorial Guinea who is being held in a cell with between 70 and 100 male detainees. Brígida Asongsua Elo has been held since 16 December and has still not been charged or brought before a judge. Amnestys calling for her to be immediately moved from the cell and for her either to be charged or immediately released.  Brígidas horrifying situation echoes back to the case of a teenage girl in Brazil who was held in a prison cell with men where she was gang-raped, Amnesty condemned this as well.Finally, Amnestys asking as many people as possible to take action to stop the execution of a teenage girl in Saudi Arabia called Rizana Nafeek who faces the prospect of being beheaded.  Rizana was 17 when she was found guilty of murdering someone. Her trial was unfair as she had no access to a lawyer either during interrogation or at her trial, and shes thought to have confessed during police questioning, only to retract it later.  Find out more about this and take action at Amnestys action site.


Til the next time

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