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Burning issues with China

Barely a day goes by at the moment without the Chinese authorities’ appalling human rights record falling into the spotlight, and today is no exception.Sadly, early yesterday morning the human rights activist Hu Jia was sentenced to prison for three and a half years for his ongoing efforts to raise awareness about the Chinese authorities’ poor HIV programme – among other failings. He was convicted for ‘inciting subversion of state power’ and you can read our full release here.The British media were quick to lap up the story. The Gay News had the story up on their website within five minutes and the BBC wasn’t far behind.In today’s papers the pick of the coverage has to go to The Independent who gave Hu Jia’s case the centre spread. Amnesty views Hu Jia as a prisoner of conscience and is calling for his immediate release. We have an urgent action out to help him and you can find out how to take part by clicking here.Finally, Sunday sees things hotting up for the press team as the Olympic flame prepares to light up the streets of London. Yule E will be burning around the capital to help add Amnesty’s fire to the story. (I’ll stop the puns now).Anyway, the papers are already in mass speculation mode about what’s going to happen. The Telegraph was among those wondering whether the former Blue Peter presenter and torchbearer will drop out in protest, while our phones have been buzzing for the last few days as the media tries to find out more.Just so you know, Amnesty will be holding peaceful demonstrations along the route .  Check out our site to find out where we’ll be. Our presence will be peaceful. After all our complaint is not with the Olympics – the ideals of which enshrine human rights – but with the Chinese authorities.Enjoy the weekend

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