Brown, Burma and maroon

Was it just me, or did our new PM saying human rights are universal in his maiden leaders speech at Labour Party Conference, make you sit up and think?

Of course, Gordon Browns comments come on the back of the growing unrest in Burma, which at last seems to be getting the coverage the crisis in the country deserves. Even The Daily Mailhas it as a page lead.

My feeling is that the whole situation in Burma is coming ever closer to a tipping point and it is interesting to note the stance the Chinese are taking.

China is the main trading partner of Burma and over the years has been very reluctant to criticise the military regime. However, as Isobel Hilton argues in an excellent piece in todays Guardian, the reason why the junta hasnt already crushed the protests may have a lot to do with China not wanting to have a bloodbath akin to Tiananmen Square on its doorstep, ahead of the Beijing Olympics next year.

All this remind us what an important role China can play in supporting human rights. And Amnesty is seeking in its China Campaign to put pressure on the government there to end the death penalty, introduce fair trails, prevent torture, protect human right defenders, and embrace freedom of expression.

Meanwhile, it has reached the offices attention that UK journalists are increasing referring to the monk-led protests in Burma as the Saffron Revolution, presumably given the typical attire of Buddhist monks. All fair and good, say us, except that in all the pictures they seem to be wearing maroon.

Finally, Nelly Furtados name-checking of Amnesty in her song Give it to Me has kicked up quite a stir on her blog.

Basically, nobody is quite sure whats shes talking about. Heres the verse in full:

I'm the type of girl that'll look you dead in the eye (eye) / I'm real as it comes if you don't know why im fly / Seen ya try to switch it up, but girl you ain't got to / I'm the wonderwoman, let me go get my ropes /I'm a supermodel and mummy, sí, mummy / Amnesty international, got Bangkok to Montauk on lock / You love my ass and my abs in the video called "promiscuous" / My style is rediculous

Any ideas?

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