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Bombing the truce

The bomb which blew up a bus in north-central Sri Lanka proves that the cease fire between the government and the Tamil Tigers is well and truly over.

Todays bomb which has killed at least 25 people, including school children has also reinforces Amnestys concerns that an end to a cease fire will lead to a rise in indiscriminate attacks against ordinary people.

The situation is tense in Sri Lanka at the moment. Peace monitors are packing up and leaving, and in the two weeks since the government mooted that its calling an end to the truce, more than 300 people have died. Amnestys calling for both the government and the Tamil Tigers to begin talks again as a peaceful political negotiation is the only way to stop the escalating violence.

Meanwhile in Morocco six men who were jailed for their presumed homosexuality had their sentences reduced yesterday but their convictions upheld. They were arrested after a video of a private party where the men were said to be simulating a gay marriage was posted on YouTube.  All six men continue to protest their innocence.

The arrest of these men is a fundamental violation of their human rights and Amnesty is campaigning for the immediate release of these men. There is also a concern about the mens safety when they are released from prison.  Well keep you posted on developments.

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